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UPEI has a growing reputation as a premier educational destination for students from around the world. The campus welcomes more than 1,600 international students from more than 90 countries each year: that represents about 30% of the entire student body.

As an international student, you help UPEI grow and learn as a campus community with the addition of your cultural diversity and world perspective. We can't wait to welcome you!

学生 are attracted to the high-quality education and the small, safe location with all the services students need. Experience Canadian 文化, PEI style! Our International Student Guide has more information about Prince Edward Island, and UPEI. 


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International Student Office

Our International Student Office can help you find your way at UPEI. From first contact with the university all the way through your first-year courses, we are here to support you. We also process international undergraduate applications to programs in arts, 业务, 科学, 和工程.

The International Student Office is on the fourth (4th) floor of Dalton Hall. Let us know how we can help!

Have you been accepted to UPEI?
我们有 information for incoming international students.

International Buddy Program

New incoming international students are paired with a returning domestic or international student to be their buddy. These buddies share their personal experiences with new international students. The primary goal of the International Buddy Program is to provide assistance for a smooth transition to Canadian 文化 for new international students.

By assisting these new students with things such as adapting to a new country, 文化, 和环境, and create a more relaxing and hospitable atmosphere for new international students. Visit the International Buddy Program website 和我们的 UPEI International Buddy Program 脸谱网 group for more information.


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upei mba students in mcdougall hall
upei mba students in mcdougall hall
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