数学是研究数量、结构和空间的学科. While mathematics is important in understanding and influencing the physical world around us, mathematics can also be curiosity-driven and enjoyed without the requirement of a particular application.

UPEI's Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Mathematics provides students with a solid foundation in both pure and applied mathematics. Our program prepares students for graduate studies and professional programs; students interested in graduate studies in mathematics should consider the Bachelor of Science with honours in Mathematics.


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Course Structure

NOTE: 根据学术条例1h, all undergraduate degree programs require successful completion of IKE-1040 (new for students beginning or returning after re-application in Fall 2022); one of UPEI-1010, UPEI-1020, or UPEI-1030, 以及写作强化课程. 

Common Core

All degree programs in the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences are built on a common core of courses that should be completed in the first two years of study. 这一共同核心包括以下课程:


Course Course name Credits
MATH 1910 Single Variable Calculus I 4
MATH 1920 单变量微积分II 4
MATH 2610 Linear Algebra I 3
STAT 1910 概率论与统计 3
CS 1910 Computer Science I 3
CS 1920 Computer Science II 3

One of:
UPEI 1010
UPEI 1020
UPEI 1030

Writing Studies
Inquiry Studies
University Studies

学期总学时   23

Common Breadth Requirement

Students must take at least 15 semester hours of credit beyond the core course requirement in courses outside the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, and of these 15 semester hours of credit at least 6 must be from outside the Faculty of Science.

Common Advanced Courses

Students in all degree programs in the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences must complete MCS 4210 Professional Communication and Practice (writing-intensive) and MCS 3050数学和计算科学辅导. 



Students in the Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science programs have an Honours option. Permission of the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences is required for admission to an Honours program. 学生以前所有课程的平均成绩通常必须在70%以上. Normally, the School expects an average of 75% in all previous Mathematical and Computational Sciences courses. Admission is contingent upon the student finding a project advisor and acceptance by the School of the topic for the Honours project. Students interested in doing Honours are strongly encouraged to consult with the Associate Dean of the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences as soon as possible, 不迟于学生第三年的1月31日获得荣誉称号, 除了成功完成荣誉项目之外, normally students must maintain an average of at least 75% in all courses in the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences.




数学荣誉课程要求总共126个学时的学分, as described below:


The Common Core 23
多变量和向量微积分              4
数学2620线性代数II 3
数学2720数学推理  3

至少一个:MCS 2010 - MAPLE技术实验室或MCS 2020 - Matlab技术实验室



MATH 2420  Combinatorics I 3
MATH 3510   Real Analysis  3
MATH 3610  Group Theory 3
数学3010微分方程 3
概率论与数理统计 3
数学3310复杂变量 3
MCS 4900荣誉项目 6

Four electives in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences (at the 2000 level or higher, 至少有两个在4000级以上)

MCS 3050数学和计算科学辅导 1
MCS 4210专业交流与实践             3
附加一般选修课 52
学期总学时    126




The Major in Mathematics requires a total of 120 semester hours of credit, as described below:


The Common Core 23
数学2910 -多变量和向量微积分 4

数学2620 -线性代数II 



数学2720 -数学推理  3

At least one of:  MCS 2010 - MAPLE Technology Lab or  MCS 2020  - Matlab Technology Lab

数学2420 -组合I   3
MATH 3510 - Real Analysis       3
MATH 3610 - Group Theory     3

至少一个:数学3010 -微分方程, 统计2910 -概率和数学统计I或数学3310 -复杂变量


Five electives in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences (at the 2000 level or higher with at least two at the 3000 level or higher)

MCS 3050 -数学和计算科学辅导    1
MCS 4210 -专业交流与实践 3
附加一般选修课                         55
学期总学时       120




Students may obtain a Minor in Mathematics by completing at least 24 semester hours of credit in Mathematics defined as follows:


数学1910-1920 -单变量微积分I & II 8
数学2610 -线性代数I 3
数学2910 -多变量和向量微积分 4
加上3个学期的数学学分,达到3000分或更高, 及额外修习6学时的2000级或以上程度的数学 9
学期总学时 24


Co-operative Education

A student works on an iPad

The UPEI Co-op Program is an integrated approach to university education which enables students to alternate academic terms on campus with work terms in suitable employment. The success of such programs is founded on the principle that students are able to apply theoretical knowledge from course studies in the workplace and return to the classroom with practical workplace experience. Students who successfully complete all the requirements of the program will have the notation entered on their transcripts and on the graduation parchment. 

Students accepted into the program complete at least three paid work terms of normally 14 weeks duration, 以及三门专业发展课程. 完成工作学期所取得的学分算作一般选修课.

The Co-op option is available to full-time students in any MCS Major or Honours program. Applications to the Co-op Education Program are normally made after completion of the first year of study. MCS students must complete 126 semester hours of credit in order to graduate with the Co-op designation.

访问合作教育计划网站 for more information.

Admissions Criteria

High School Graduates


  • Grade 12 Academic English
  • 12年级学术数学
  • 2门12年级学术科学科目(可接受科目:化学, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Oceanography, Animal Science, Environmental Science)
  • 一门额外的12年级学术课程

Please note: Successful completion of Grade 12 Chemistry (or equivalent) is required as a prerequisite for permission to register in CHEM-1110.

Please 请参阅UPEI学术日历 完整的入学信息.

Fees and Funding

UPEI的本科学费是 second-lowest 在大西洋地区,我们提供数百万美元的奖学金和奖励. 


$6,570 per year,以30个学时计算($657 per 3 credit course).

For a complete breakdown of part-time or full-time study as a student in the Faculty of Science, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

Scholarships and Awards

UPEI支持您和您的教育目标. We administer millions of dollars in scholarships and awards to our undergraduate and graduate students every year. Depending on your faculty or program, and year of study, you may be eligible for available awards.

搜索完整的奖学金列表 查阅资料及申请表格. 


包括保证入学奖学金和学术优秀奖, these awards recognize the academic achievements of all students who meet the eligibility criteria while studying towards their first undergraduate degree.

访问奖学金网站 for complete information.

Faculty Members
Your mentors. Our professors.

UPEI拥有大约250名杰出巴黎澳门人娱乐下载, teachers, and mentors, 我们每年都会招更多的人, progressive, and unique programs. 但故事不只是在数字上. 关键在于我们员工的素质. 来自世界各地的获奖教师已经把UPEI作为家. Here, you’ll learn directly from these world-class professors and researchers in small classes where you’ll have easy access to them.